Campus City Center

On the following page you will find different running and Nordic-walking tracks at the Campus City Center.

All tracks start somewhere between the K1 and K2 buildings. There are two different running tracks with lengths of 4,5km and 8km as well as a walking track with 2,4km.

So let’s go! Put on your running shoes and grab your cell phones and start! You just have to download the GPX-file of the track you want to run or walk onto your smartphone and open it with a navigation app (e.g. Komoot, OsmAd or GPX-Viewer). An alternative is to download it onto your fitnesstracker or smartwatch via the manufacturer program (e.g. for Suunto: Movescout and for Garmin: Basecamp)

Note: At the moment there is no possibility to change your clothes or take a shower at the Campus City Cemter.

Short Running track

  • Length: 4,5km
  • Altitude: 20m
  • Terrain: flat
  • Condition: asphalted roads, paths and sidewalks
  • Difficulty: intermediate

This track follows the same path as the longer one into the “Oberer Schlossgarten”. It starts between the K1 and K2 building, leads you towards the South for a short amount of time and then turns left in the direction of the “Börsenplatz”. There you will pass the mouth of the “Friedrichsbau”. After that you will turn left and cross the street. Pass the “Palast der Republik” along the “Königsbau” in the direction of the “Neue Schloss”, shortly before the castle you turn left entering the “Oberer Schlossgarten”. Pass the lake along the opera till you reach the construction S21. Cross the bridge passing the “Planetarium” in the “Mittlerer Schlossgarten”. Continue running in a circle shape leading you onto your way back, passing the “Café Nil” and the “Planetarium”. Now, take the same way back as you took in the beginning.  

Long running track

  • Length: 8km
  • Altitude: 64m
  • Terrain: flat, short gradients at bridges
  • Condition: asphalted roads and paths
  • Difficulty: intermediate

This route starts on the square between K1 and K2, from there a short way southwards and then left towards "Börsenplatz", there through the opening in the "Friedrichsbau". Afterwards keep left and cross the street at the traffic lights. Past the "Palast der Republik" along the "Königsbau" towards the "Neues Schloss", but shortly before that turn left into the "Oberer Schlossgarten", there on the right side of the lake past the opera, until the bridge at the S21 construction site. 
Cross the bridge and walk past the planetarium in the "Mittlerer Schlossgarten", keep right, cross the bridge and walk into the "Unterer Schlossgarten". Just walk along the path until just before "Flora and Fauna" and then turn left. And turn onto the long straight path, which leads back to the "Oberer Schlossgarten", crossing the bridges and paths again to "Schlossplatz" and then back the same way via "Börsenplatz".

Nordic-walking track

  • Length: 2,4km
  • Altitude difference: 22m
  • Terrain: flat
  • Condition: asphalted / paved roads and paths
  • Difficulty: easy

The walking route also starts between K1 & K2. It runs first on the path towards the Mensa and then, after climbing the stairs, past the Mensa, past the "Max Kade Residence". Then continue to the "Liederhalle"and turn right into the pedestrian zone. There you pass the cinema and continue to the "Maritim-Hotel" and cross the street. Go through the pedestrian zone to the traffic practice area, walk around it once and then take the same route back to the "Liederhalle". Cross the street again and follow "Breitscheidstraße" back to "Stadtgarten" before K1 & K2.


This image shows Allgemeiner Hochschulsport

Allgemeiner Hochschulsport

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