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national and international competitions for students

We enable students to take part at competitions of ADH and other national or international championships.

You are interested in taking part in a competition in a sport for the University of Stuttgart? Then start at a German University Championship (Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaft / DHM) and compete with students from other universities all over Germany! Here you can prove your talent and bring the title "German University Champion" to Stuttgart! 

University championships are held in almost every conceivable sport all over Germany each year. The "Allgemeine Deutsche Hochschulsportverband" (adh) provides a competition program each semester. The duration of a competition is usually between one and three days. The organizing universities usually offer an exciting program around the competition, which you shouldn't miss. Of course, social exchange should not be neglected at such an event - make numerous contacts with students from other universities who are enthusiastic about the same sport and meet new people!

You are not an individual athlete and want to compete in your sport or in a team? But your teammates are studying at another university in Stuttgart? No problem! Together with the DHBW Stuttgart, the HdM Stuttgart and the HfT Stuttgart we have a competition community. So you can start as WG Stuttgart at the DHM without any problems.

Interested? - First contact point for students from Stuttgart is the sports department of the University sports. It organizes your participation in adh competitions and also provides financial support (registration fee, travel allowance, accommodation allowance for competitions lasting several days). 

Information registration

All information about the registration process is summarized in a guide:

Guide (in german)

Competition dates and deadlines

You can find competition dates, deadlines and futher information on the adh website:

International competitions:


In team sports all students of the Universität Stuttgart are accepted. Students/employees of other Stuttgart universities can only take part in the competition as part of a team of the University of Stuttgart if there is a competition community between them. Otherwise this will lead to disqualification of the team.

Currently there is a competition team "WG Stuttgart" with the University of Stuttgart, the DHBW Stuttgart, the HfT Stuttgart and the HdM Stuttgart.

The formation of a competition group must be applied for once at the "Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband" (adh). This requires an appropriate lead time. The formation of a competition group has to be coordinated with the University Sports at least 6 weeks before the actual competition. To form a competition group, the respective university must be a member of the (adh). At the current status (11.04.2019) the DHBW Stuttgart and the HFT Stuttgart and the HdM are members of the adh.

The registration for national competitions is usually only possible via the sports department! A registration for the student world championships as well as for the summer and winter universiade is not possible! The German participants are nominated by the adh. The participants of European University Championships are qualified by a successful participation in the German University Championships.

The usual procedure for participation in competitions is as follows:

1. select competition and dates

The competition dates can be found in the adh event calendar. The announcements for the most important competitions are also posted on the notice board of the Hochschulsport in the entrance area of the Allmandring hall.

2. observe the registration deadlines and processing time

For all competitions there is a registration deadline set by the adh. For the individual sports the registration deadlines are listed in the adh - event calendar. In the sports basketball, footbal, handball and volleyball, the qualifying tournaments for the Baden-Württemberg University Championships must first be completed in order to participate in the German University Championships. The deadline for registration is November 15th of each year. Please note these registration deadlines and the fact that the sports department is not staffed daily. The office hours and contact details can be found on the homepage.

3. registration via the sports department of the University Sports

For this purpose, the fully completed registration form for team or individual sports must be received by the sports department in time. Please include discipline-specific data (e.g. Judo weight category). In order to guarantee a timely registration, the completely filled out registration form must be received by the sports department at least 5 working days before the registration deadline. We cannot guarantee a successful registration for the competition with adh for registration forms that are received later.

4. transfer of the entry fee/accommodation fee/other fees

The registration is only complete when the respective registration fee is transferred to the organizer. Often this must be paid directly at the location. These costs are initially to be paid by the participant himself and will be refunded by the University Sports after participation. Please read the other sections very carefully for the refund of costs.

After successful registration, travel to the event location must be arranged with the University Sports (travel planning). In general, travel should be in carpools with private cars. In certain cases, train or bus travel is also possible. Travel expenses without prior arrangement will not be refunded.

If the registration deadline is not over yet, a cancellation is generally possible. A withdrawal from a competition after the closing date is not possible!

In case of non-appearance of a competition the organizer charges a so-called remorse fee. This is to be paid by the participant in addition to the entry fees. The participant will be invoiced for the resulting fees. Only in justified exceptional cases and on presentation of a medical certificate (e.g. in case of injury, illness, etc.) will the University Sports partially cover the cost of the remorse fee, provided that the participant has been informed in advance of the non-participation.

After participation in the competition, the accounting forms (download area) must be filled out by the participant and submitted to the University Sports together with the receipts.
The final accounting form must be filled out for each billing. Please leave the section "will be filled out by the sports office" blank. In the case of team events, the total amount will be settled in favour of one person. This person is responsible for the distribution of the grant.

The payment of the competition subsidy will only be made on presentation of a report (1/4 DIN A4 page, approx. 25-50 words). This report must be submitted within five days after the competition date latest.


The bill must be submitted to the University Sports within 3 weeks after the day of the competition (including all original receipts). Otherwise there will be no financial support.

National competitions

Entry fee:
The entry fee for competitions in Germany and abroad is paid entirely by the University Sports. The original receipts or the confirmation of transfer must be enclosed with the invoice.

For competitions lasting several days, overnight accommodation costs of up to 15€ per night will be granted on presentation of a receipt.

For competitions in the VVS area, there is no subsidy for travel and accommodation costs.


Catering costs will not be reimbursed.

Travel expenses:
For journeys by private car 0,25 €/km from 3 persons per car will be refunded. Carpools must be formed, so that not a team of eight persons with five cars drives to the competition place. In such cases we reserve the right to refund only a part of the travel expenses.

For trips with a rental car, a cost comparison must be presented to the University Sports in advance. This includes 2 rental car offers, as well as a comparison offer of the Deutsche Bahn. This is to ensure that the most economical alternative is used. Gasoline costs are refunded, as with the private car, with 0,25 €/km starting from 3 persons per car. The rental fee is reimbursed at 50%.

If only one participant of the Universität Stuttgart starts at a competition, the costs for a 2nd class train ticket will be refunded.

The exact address of the place of arrival must be stated on the travel cost form. Only the Universität Stuttgart city center or Vaihingen is permitted as the place of departure and arrival for the mileage calculation.

For competitions in the VVS area there is no support for travel and accommodation costs.

Additional expenses for public transport or cab will not be reimbursed.

The total settlement will be in favour of one person. This person is responsible for the distribution of the subsidy.

International competitions

Travel expenses, accommodation and meals abroad:

Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to the German border/ earliest border crossing.

In case of a place in the TOP 10 at adh events, travel expenses will be reimbursed in full (to the competition site) (corresponding lists of winners must be enclosed).

A maximum of 2 overnight stays will be granted with a maximum of 15€ for each night.

Meal expenses will not be refunded.

Accounting and reporting

Please send us a short report with some pictures besides your statement!

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