Who can participate? How can i participate? How can i register? All answers and more legally information you will find here.

General Information for Registration

All students and staff of the University of Stuttgart and the cooperating universities of Stuttgart are eligible:

  • Universität Stuttgart
  • Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation
  • Hochschule der Medien
  • Hochschule für Technik
  • Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung
  • Merz Akademie
  • Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste
  • Fraunhofer Institut
  • Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
  • Studierendenwerk Stuttgart
  • Cooperative study courses from Hohenheim

Guests and extern persons can also take part at our courses. The registration for guests or externals starts 1 week later than the official one for students/workers of the university.The amount of places for guests is however limited.

The program of the University Sports of Stuttgart is notifiable and billable. The registration can be done easily online, by phone or personally at our office.

How can I register for a course?

The easiest and fastest way is the online registration at our homepage. For the registration you have to choose a course and click at the button under the description of the course. If there exist the words “Kurs buchen”, there are still some free places in the course. After having clicked that button there will appear an online-form, which you should fill out immediately. Later, the money will be taken from exactly that bank account.

It’s also possible that the course is already booked out. In this case the button will be red with the word “waiting list” on itself. You can find out here how the waiting list works. After the successful reservation you'll receive an e-mail (if your e-mail address is correct) with a link with which the announcing confirmation/the participation ticket can be printed out.

For students of the cooperative study courses from Hohenheim:

Interested students can request an individual student number by e-mail before the registration begins. With this student number students of the cooperative study courses from Hohenheim can register for University sports at the student rates. This requires valid proof of enrolment in the cooperative degree programme.

The payment of the courses can only happen by SEPA-debit transfer. Please make sure that your bank information (IBAN, BIC) is correctly written. There will be extra costs for you if the bank information isn’t correct or if there is not enough money on the bank account.

General Terms and Condition (GTC)

The registration for one of the University Sports courses is binding and obliges the participant to pay the fee.

Participation fees

The participation fees are due with the online registration. Payment will be made approx. 4 weeks after the online registration via SEPA Direct Debit by providing the bank details. Costs incurred due to insufficient account coverage, incorrect account details or revocations shall be borne by the participants. The successful online booking leads to the specified direct debits regardless of whether the course is attended or not.

Registration for courses

Information on the respective offers can be found on the Internet pages. By sending the online registration these conditions of participation are accepted. The participants will receive a booking confirmation by email to print out. This must be brought along to all dates of the course. At the request of the trainer or an employee of the University sports department, the booking confirmation must be presented, otherwise the participant may be excluded from the course.

Registration for excursions

The registration for excursions is also made on the Internet. Depending on the offer, a down payment is due with the registration. The amount of the deposit depends on the total amount of the trip and will be announced in the invitation.


The rebooking can only be made in person or by telephone at the University Sports Office. There will be no refund of course fees due to rebooking. If the booking is changed to a more expensive offer, the difference will be charged.


Cancellation is possible until one week after the start of the course using the self-chosen password and the registration link sent to you. Cancellations can also be made via the University Sports Office in person, by e-mail or by phone.

Cancellation of regular courses

The cancellation of the binding registration is only possible until 7 days after the beginning of the course period without payment of the course fee. The course fee will then be debited and there is no entitlement to a refund of the course fee.
If you register during the current semester, you can cancel your registration without paying the course fee up to 7 days after the registration date.
Cancellation is then only possible in exceptional cases. This applies if a medical certificate of unfitness for sport (illness or injury) has been presented and the University sports secretariat has been notified in writing within 14 days of the occurrence of unfitness for sport.
A pro rata amount will be reimbursed for services not used. The University Sports reserves the right to withhold a processing fee of € 7 per course booked.
For amounts below 10,-- € there will be no refund.

Withdrawal from workshops
Cancellation of one-off offers (workshops) is only possible up to two weeks (10 working days) before the first workshop day. A refund of the course fee will be made minus 7,-- € processing fee. After this period a free cancellation is no longer possible.
If participation is prevented, a substitute person can take the place, provided they meet the requirements of the course. This change must be agreed with the university sports no later than two working days (48h) before the beginning of the workshop.

Cancellation fees for excursions
In the event of cancellation of participation up to 30 - 60 days before the start of the trip, 50% of the fee, but at least 50 €, will be due. The fee cannot be refunded from 29 days before the start of the trip. If participation is prevented, a substitute person may take the place, provided that he or she meets the requirements of the course. This change must be agreed with the university sports at least two working days (48h) before the start of the trip.

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance in all cases!

The respective time scope of the offers is indicated in the programme announcement. However, event dates may be cancelled if:

  • The course day falls on a public holiday or during the lecture-free period (e.g. Christmas holidays, Whitsun holidays),
  • force majeure is present,
  • the respective hall time is required for the organisation of German University Championships or other events,
  • unavoidable disruptions to the course of operations such as construction work, repairs, etc. occur,
  • a course is prevented and University sports are unable to find a qualified replacement at short notice,
  • offers in state school buildings whose operating hours are linked to the school holidays may have different running times.

In the case of outdoor activities, participants are not entitled to reimbursement if course dates are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Participants are responsible for compliance with passport and customs regulations for courses abroad.

The University Sports can combine offers or cancel them completely if, for example, a minimum number of participants is not reached. The respective minimum number of participants can be requested from University Sports. Participants who have already paid the fee at the time of cancellation or change may take up another offer of their choice in the current programme, subject to availability. It is also possible for the participants concerned to withdraw in the event that booked offers do not materialise. Any fees already paid will then be refunded without deductions. A further claim does not exist.


The State of Baden-Wurttemberg, the University Sports of the University of Stuttgart and its employees are liable for all claims only insofar as they have caused damage intentionally or through gross negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to the breach of essential contractual obligations or to damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health or claims under the Product Liability Act or due to fraudulent conduct of a contractual partner. No statutory insurance cover exists if personal injury or property damage is inflicted on third parties during the practice of sport. It is recommended to take out private liability insurance.

  • The University Sports is liable for the correctness of the service description and the conscientious selection of individual service providers.
  • The University Sports is not liable for non-university members.
  • The responsibility is limited to three times the amount of the fee, as far as the participants are neither intentionally nor grossly negligently harmed or the University sports is responsible for an arising damage solely due to the fault of a service provider.
  • In the case of excursions, participation in the leisure area as well as in other group events of the supporting programme is at the participant's own risk.
  • In the case of all courses not organised by the organisers themselves, the University Sports shall only act as an intermediary for the participating passenger and transport companies and shall assume no liability for any damage, accidents and losses or delays.
  • The respective organisers of the courses are named in the advertisements.
  • Arrivals with the own car to trips and external courses happen on own responsibility.
  • The carriage of sports equipment is at the student's own risk.
  • The University Sports accepts no liability for theft, damage or loss of luggage.


The sports halls may only be entered and used with clean sports shoes with light soles that are not used in traffic. The sports shoes must be suitable for the type of sport. This regulation applies to all indoor sports courses. On tennis courts, sand court shoes are obligatory (no outward profile). There are further regulations for sportswear in special sports (e.g. sailing and rowing), these are listed in the respective course description and must be observed accordingly.

Access to the sports facilities is only permitted to persons who are entitled to participate at the University Sports. Course instructors, caretakers and other representatives of University Sports are entitled and obliged to deny access to unauthorised persons and to expel them from the course.

The organisers are not reliable for theft. All participants are urged not to bring any valuables with them. At many venues, lockable lockers are available for daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following universities are partners of the University sports: 

  • Universität Stuttgart
  • Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation
  • Hochschule der Medien
  • Hochschule für Technik
  • Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung
  • Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste
  • Merz Akademie
  • Fraunhofer Institut
  • Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Their students and workers can participate in our courses paying the student or workers price. All the other persons without the connection as a student or a worker have to register as an extern person paying the extern price. The registration for guests/externals starts 1 week later. Some very popular courses have a limit for extern registrations.

You are not allowed to participate in the courses when you are under 18 years old.

The payment for the courses is one price for the whole semester. After the booking you registration is active for the given time period of the course.

The prices can be found at the detailed courses pages.  There are three different categories: students/workers/extern persons. (f.e.: 15/20/30) That means: 15,- € for students, 20,- € for workers and 30,- € for extern people.

The payment allows you to take part in the course for the time period of the course.

The payment of the price is only possible by SEPA Lastschriftverfahren. A payment by cash or a money transfer is not possible. 

In case of any problems with your bank account please contact our office.

No you can't. A participation in our courses without a registration isn't possible.

It is possible to try all courses with free places and without any other limits once. For a second participation you have to register then. 

It will usually take 2 to 6 weeks to debit the fee from your account. The fees of some courses will be debited the first time if the course reaches a minimum of participants. 

If there wasn't enough money on your bank account or if you gave us a wrong IBAN number please contact our office. Please also have a look at the following question!

In case of a bank account problem caused by a wrong account or if the account wasn't covered the bank will charge us a service fee. That fee we have to charge you then.

If you can not register for a course because it's already booked out you can inscribe yourself on the waiting list with your email address. It doesn't matter which position you have on the waiting list because if there is a free place all persons on the list will get an email at the same time. The first one who register gets the place like first-come-first-serve.

A cancellation is only possible during the first 7 days after your registration. After that the we will charge the fee and you can't get the money back. 

A cancellation is only possible in exceptional cases, f.e. in case of injury and illness. For a payback a doctor's certificate is necessary within 14 days after the injury. Afterwards we refund the costs charging a service fee of 7,- €. 

We won't refund fees lower than 5,- €

For workshops and excursions please consider the conditions of participation with its deadlines and fees. 

For a change of reservation please contact our office. A refund in case of a change of reservation doesn't exist. If the new booking is more expensive, we charge the difference.

Most of the courses also run during the semester holidays. You can always have a look at the course dates on our homepage. Just click on the time span of the course and you'll find all dates the course will be taking place.

All holidays without sports program and other important dates you'll find here

Only via e-mail we can inform you about cancelled courses, free places, additional offers etc. To get all this important information please specify your e-mail address! Pay attention that it's written correctly.

Please note: It may happen that our e-mails will arrive in your SPAM folder. Please often check your SPAM folder for important e-mails and change the settings, if necessary, to be sure you get all the improtant information.  

All holidays without sports program and other important dates you'll find here

If a course is cancelled short-term, the trainer will write an e-mail to all participants.

At first your trainer has to confirm that you participated regular in the course.

With that confirmation you come to our office and we give you a stamp for you bonus booklet.

All students and employees, which are official registered for the courses, excursions and workshops are covered by UKBW (Unfall-Kasse Baden-Württemberg). Including events like German Study Championship or Campus Run. 

External people have no insurance covered by Hochschulsport. 

For all participants we recommend to take out the following insurance (especially for outdoor sports and excursions):

  • liability insurance
  • casualty insurance
  • travel cancellation insurance
  • overseas health insurance 


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