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The program of the Hochschulsport Stuttgart is notifiable and billable. The registration can be done easily online, by phone or personally at our office (open mo-fr from 8.00 - 12.30). 

Who can participate?

All students and staff of the University of Stuttgart and the cooperating universities of Stuttgart are eligible. Guests and extern persons can also take part at our courses. The registration for guests or externals starts 1 day later than the official one for students/workers of the university.The amount of places for guests is however limited.

The payment

The payment of the courses can only happen by SEPA-Lastschrifteinzug. Please make sure that your bank information (IBAN, BIC) is correctly written. There will be extra costs for you if the bank information isn’t correct or if there is not enough money on the bank account. In addition the SEPA-Mandat has to be sent to the office within 5 days after the registration.

How can I register for a course?

The easiest and fastest way is the online registration at our homepage. For the registration you have to choose a course and click at the button under the description of the course. If there exist the words “Kurs buchen”, there are still some free places in the course. After having clicked that button there will appear an online-document, which you should fill out immediately. Later, the money will be taken from exactly that bank account.

Information about the Sepa Mandat

It’s also possible that the course is already booked out. In this case the button will be red with the word “waiting list” on itself. You can find out here how the waiting list works. After the successful reservation you'll receive an e-mail (if your e-mail address is correct) with a link with which the announcing confirmation/the participation ticket can be printed out. The reservation confirmation attached SEPA mandate must be delivered within 5 days in the original version, by post office or personal, in the university sport office. A missing SEPA mandate at expiration of the term leads to the cancellation and renewed release of your place. The course is only successfully booked, as soon as the SEPA mandate was activated in the university sports office. The SEPA mandate has to be filled out by the participant. The mandate applies up to revocation and expires automatically after 3 years without further course reservations.