The red Solitude half marathon

We offer the red Solitude half marathon (21,5 km) for the half marathon runners.


  • Length: 21,5 km
  • Height difference: 373m
  • Terrain: hilly
  • Characteristics: asphalted roads, sidewalk, gravel roads, single trail
  • Difficulty: demanding


The track is difficult but also very diversified. It runs through forests, meadows and over paths of all kinds. The track starts at the INSPO. It firstly runs through the Büsnauer Wald, past the Katzenbachsee and the Katzenbacher Hof. Afterwards you have to cross a road before the track continues to lead into the forest down to the Glemseck. There you have to go through an underpass to the other side of the road, up the hill to the Rappenhof and past it. This is a challenging climb, sometimes a bit steep, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over Leonberg. It then goes on up to the castle Solitude, partly over a few short single trails, with its beginning not quite obvious. From there it leads back in the forest to the Mahdental-street, which you can cross by an underpass. Afterwards a short steep ramp leads to Büsnau, where you go through an underpass again and stay on the sidewalk until you reach the Max-Planck-Institute. Then you go through the Büsnauer Wiesental back to the INSPO. In total there are several longer and shorter ascents and descents. There is no continuous shadow as only parts of the route run through the forest. However, the route is one of the most beautiful longer rounds starting from the university!

The track



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