The big yellow campus round

The big yellow campus round is a 4-km track on the Campus Vaihingen


  • Length: 4km
  • Height difference: 35m
  • Terrain: flat, one gradient
  • Characteristics: asphalted roads
  • Difficulty: easy


This track is similar to the 2km track and runs along the sidewalks next to the roads. It leads you clockwise around the main part of the campus including the slightly longer ascent to the northern part of the campus. Staying in front of the INSPO turn right and then left onto Nobelstraße. Follow this road, over the pedestrian crossing at the Pfaffenwaldring, past the bus stop and turn left onto the Pfaffenwaldring after the police station. Follow that road and turn back onto the Allmandring at the turn-off after the bridge. Finish the round at the INSPO. Just like the 2km track, it is suitable for adding a few more kilometers by doing extra laps. You can use this track in the dark as well as it is light up.

The track



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