The small turquoise campus round

The small turquoise campus round is the shortest track on Campus Vaihingen


  • Length: 2km
  • Height difference: 16m
  • Terrain: flat, a small gradient
  • Characteristics: asphalted roads
  • Difficulty: easy


This is a short distance run going counterclockwise around the southern block of the Vaihingen campus. It’s always on the wide sidewalks next to the streets, mostly flat, with only two small hills. The start is, as per usual, the spot in front of the buildings of the INSPO. Having the Mathe-Physik building in sight, it firstly runs along the Allmandring, at the intersection right onto the Pfaffenwaldring, past the IZ, and then onto the Nobelstraße. Pass the bus stops and at the lowest point of the route and then turn right back to the INSPO. The route can be used perfectly to attach another 2 kilometers to your run, to extend it to several laps or as a quick workout if you only have a few minutes and still want some exercise.

The track



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Allmandring 28f, 70569 Stuttgart

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