Long running track in the city

A long running distance from the university, which runs mainly through the Schlossgarten.


  • Length: 8km
  • Height difference: 64m
  • Terrain: flat, short gradients at bridges
  • Characteristics: asphalted roads and paths
  • Difficulty: Medium


This track starts on the square between K1 and K2, from there a short way south and then left towards Börsenplatz, there through the opening in Friedrichsbau. Keep left and cross the street at the traffic lights. Past the "Palast der Republik" along the Königsbau in the direction of the new castle, but shortly before you reach it turn left into the upper Schlossgarten, then right of the lake past the opera house until you reach the bridge at the S21 construction site. Cross the bridge and walk past the planetarium in the middle castle garden, then turn right again, cross the bridge and enter the lower castle garden. Walk along the path until you reach "Flora und Fauna" and then turn left. Turn left and follow the long straight path, which leads back to the upper Schlossgarten, again over the bridges and paths to Schlossplatz and then back along the same path via Börsenplatz.

The track



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